Cleaning day in Giurgiu

Objective: Cleaning the forests near the city of Giurgiu

Partners: Let’s do it Romania, Youth ALDE Giurgiu, Occident Forestry Giurgiu.

The team of volunteers of the association “Călător through România”, participated in the international cleaning activity in the Bălănoaia forest in Giurgiu. Starting at 9:00 am, volunteers started work. By 12:00, 5 bags filled with garbage were collected, and until 16:00 (end time) a considerable amount of waste will be collected.

The Association “Traveling through Romania” calls on all citizens of Romania and not only, to maintain a clean environment for their health. There are garbage baskets specially placed so that they do not disperse waste throughout the forest. Therefore, their use is necessary!

Thank you!

Pictures during cleaning

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