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In Romania there are many castles about which we could tell many stories, but today we thought of showing you the Karolyi Castle, recently reconsolidated.

Károlyi Láncz László built a stone house in Carei in 1482, and later, in 1592, it was surrounded by a ditch with bastion water for defense against the Turks. The nobility of that time was against the completion of this castle, but King Matei Corvin intervened to settle the situation.

Immediately after the danger passed, in 1792, Karolyi Castle was rebuilt according to Joseph Bitthauser’s plans and was ready a year later. Until now, Karolyi Castle has undergone countless transformations, in different styles, to reach what it is today.

The legend of the castle is closely linked to the “Rákóczi Cellar” built by the Curuts. It is said that the castle tunnel connected Carei to the fortress of Arad, and when you reached the cellar there was a door with 99 padlocks.

After the door was opened, you reach a large hall with many branches. This is how these cuckolds took their opponents by surprise. To find out their secret, the Austrians sent the most handsome officer to make the leader’s daughter fall in love with him. That’s exactly what happened, and the girl told him the secret. Remorseful, the girl recognized her father, but it was already too late

To find out how the legend ends, we invite you to Karolyi Castle!

There are other legends about this lake, but we invite you to discover them by making a small visit next weekend!

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