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Source: National Center for Turist Information

The dendrological park in Amara is the largest park of its kind in the south-east of Romania and occupies a space of 64 hectares, having an appreciable tourist potential and completes the spa tourism offer from the Amara resort.

The dendrological park can be considered a true heaven of green. Moving along the twisted paths, we enjoyed the countless species of trees and shrubs, planted on both sides of the alleys.

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By car:   

  • If you come from Bucharest, the route you must follow is Bucharest - Urziceni - Slobozia, on DN 2 and DN 2A;
  • If you come from Constanta, the road is straight to Slobozia, on DN 2A;
  • From Braila, the route is directly to Slobozia, on DN 2.


With train:

  • Bucharest - Slobozia Veche (via Ciulnita);
  • Ploiesti Sud - Urziceni - Slobozia Veche;
  • Galati - Braila - Faurei - Urziceni - Old Slobozia.


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