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Source: National Tourism Promotion center

The Amara resort is renowned for the potential of Lake Amara, which belongs to the category of plain salt lakes developed on loess deposits and is the largest spa-therapeutic lake in the Romanian Plain, known for the sapropelic sludge used in the treatment of various conditions.

The lake is of particular importance as a waterfowl habitat and is considered a natural reserve. Since 2003 the lake and some areas around it have been part of the avifaunistic areas of special protection because birds have been identified whose protection requires the designation of the area as a special conservation area: small egret (Egretta garzatta), night owl (Nycticorax nycticorax), white stork (Ciconia Ciconia), summer swan (Cygnus olor), reed herds (Circus aeroginosus), balta chira (Sterna birundo), dumbava (Carcias garrulus), garden hammer (Dendroscopos syriacus), Melanocea de Bărăgan calandra), red poppy (Lanuis colluria). The existence of these species of birds constitutes a potential attraction for birdwatching enthusiasts (category of wildlife observation), under the condition that this branch would be better promoted.

The resort is mainly recognized for the treatment of conditions related to rheumatism, whether they are degenerative (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis, polyarthrosis), inflammatory (algal joint conditions after acute joint rheumatism or after focal infections, ankylosing spondylitis) or articular ( tendinosis, tendomiasis, tendioperosis, periarthritis scapulohumeral). But it is successfully treated with post-traumatic disorders (post-traumatic joint pain, joint states after surgery); peripheral neurological disorders (paresis, posttraumatic limb paralysis); gynecological disorders, peripheral nervous system and associated disorders (dermatological, endocrine, occupational diseases).

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By car:   

  • If you come from Bucharest, the route you must follow is Bucharest - Urziceni - Slobozia, on DN 2 and DN 2A;
  • If you come from Constanta, the road is straight to Slobozia, on DN 2A;
  • From Braila, the route is directly to Slobozia, on DN 2.


With train:

  • Bucharest - Slobozia Veche (via Ciulnita);
  • Ploiesti Sud - Urziceni - Slobozia Veche;
  • Galati - Braila - Faurei - Urziceni - Old Slobozia.

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