Digitizing Romanian tourism by replacing the classic tourist promotion plates with some with Q.R.

Objective: A better presentation of Romania’s cultural heritage

Partners (under review): Ministry of Tourism, Dedeman, Horezu City Hall, Amara Town Hall, Topoloveni Town Hall, Garnic Town Hall, Giurgiu Town Hall, Giurgiu Town Hall, Moldova Noua Town Hall, Feldioara Town Hall, Hunedoara Town Hal

Through this project, a verz important one for us, we intend to bring the romanian and foreign tourists closer to the cultural heritage of Romania. Through this online platform and with the help of plates that we make based on plexiglass and spacers, we want to replace the tourist information plates, the classic ones, with some more attractive ones, with QR codes, which will allow the tourist to be his own guide and in this way, he can better understand what Romania has to offer and, at the same time, live an unforgettable experience.

The information plates mounted by us are approved by the county cultural directorates, where we have partnerships with the town halls and do not endanger the structure of the building. We also made sure that everything that makes up Romania’s cultural heritage is marked. Thus, we have tourist identification plates for the historical monuments, made in accordance with the law no. 422/2001 and tourist identification plates for the tourist objectives, made with the coat of arms of the respective area or an important element of Romania’s history.

How does it work? The tourist comes with the smartphone and scans the Q.R. existing on the board with an application installed on the factory phone or that the user subsequently installs. At the time of the scan, the tourist is sent to the website where he can read about the respective tourist objective or historical monument, history, legends or very interesting things in one of the following languages: Lb. Romanian, Lb. English, Spanish Lb, Lb. French and Lb. Chinese, for now, and then add lb. Russian, Lb. German and Lb. Arabic, thus covering 90% of the languages spoken on Earth.

Importance of the project:

  1. Not only will the tourist objectives and historical monuments be appropriately signaled with current technology, but it will also allow us to create a database with the cultural capital of our country.
  2. Due to the lack of specialized guides, tourists can no longer find interesting and attractive information about those historical monuments and tourist attractions. The platform is meant to attract the tourist and introduce him to the Romanian culture and the cultural capital of this country.
  3. • The tourist has the possibility, if he is not Romanian, to read in one of the languages with which he feels more comfortable and, in this way, he can understand much better what Romania has to offer.

The plates are protected by O.S.I.M against copy.

Images during placement (under review)

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