About us

Who we are?

Traveller in Romania is a cultural NGO working day by day to present Romania to both domestic and international tourists from the point of view of gastronomy, the popular clothes and the tourist attractions. The directions we act for are: cultural education, the memory of generations and old times, and the protection of cultural heritage built.

What we do?

Through the projects that Traveller in Romania produces or take part in, we want, first of all, to increase the interest of domestic and international tourists towards the cultural heritage of Romania and, on the other hand, to produce a complete and visible change of what is the built heritage of Romania. The projects we have been focusing on since the beginning of our activity have been the reconstruction of some long-forgotten tourist objectives to be rendered to the Romanians.

Our Travellers

Traveller in Romania is made up of a young and permanent team that sets the directions of action in a more creative way, teams used for the purpose of more complex projects and a dedicated volunteer team.

Do you have any project or do you want to help us with our projects?

Our team

Tănașcu Constantin Iulian


Călina Iuliana-Andreea

Business Developer Moldova

Tănașcu Romică