Walking through the Fagaras Country, in Sinca Veche

Today we start in the beautiful country of Fagaras, in Sinca Veche, a fascinating place full of history and unique beauty.

In this village, there have long been four churches, three of wood and one of stone; currently preserving only the stone church, which is the oldest.

It was built on the site of a sacred sacred place about which the researchers say has a staggering age of about 7,000 years. Although there are many voices stating that the church was one of the first places of Christian worship in Dacia, some of the specialists draw attention to the non-Christian inscriptions on one of the walls of the altar.

The subtle load of this place is sometimes manifested by inexplicable appearances of light spheres, crosses and strange signs. On one of the walls one can also see a sculpture of a bearded head, bearded and kosme.

The area is also celebrated among the initiates because here, in the face of the great religious celebrations, some people say that I hear choirs singing songs of unusual beauty. All those who have heard the chorus from another world have been struck by the fact that although music seemed ecclesiastical and the words were clearly heard, they were unable to keep their meaning. The terms did not sound Romanian, and yet they did not look strangers to archaic Romanian language.

Is it worth to visit? Is myth or reality? It remains to be seen.

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