Walking through Sărata Monteoru – Buzău

I was driving lightly on the narrow street surrounded by small hills of land supported by a concrete sill.

I have not been here for a very long time though here I am childhood. Like the forest that surrounds the village, once crossed every day when I was a child, I do not know. As green and mysterious, it urges you to enter the village. The moment you entered, you are enchanted by the beauty of this place. The clean, slightly saline air, thanks to the salty pools in the resort, captures your sinuses and relaxes you.

Sarata Monteoru still retains those historic buildings or monuments dating from the beginning of its existence, although it has been shaken by two World Wars. The testimony of the Monteoru family, the chapel of the family, the numerous archeological vestiges and the monument of the heroes of the First World War depicting a Romanian soldier running against the enemy, protecting the village.

The history of this village begins in 1837 when the locality and the land were bought by Grigore Monteoru, which started to exploit the oil fields. The oil mine was the only one in Europe at the time. He used the winnings to raise the resort today. His work was accompanied by communist support and, later, private investment.

The fall of the Monteoru family was the moment when his only son shot himself on a hill in the area, the site of the current cemetery.

Sightseeing: Villa Monteoru, Monteoru Chapel, Petroleum Mine (can be seen only from the outside), chlorine-sod water supply from local springs, archaeological sites dating from the Bronze Age, mud and brine pools and adventure park.

There is much to say and too few words to describe the beauty of the place. It is worth seeing and lived the moment.

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