Pilgrimage to the world of legends…

Because it was a weekend, we left Bucharest to travel in a place with a religious charge. This is how we headed for the Nămăieşti monastery in Argeş.

We had documented a little about it on the internet, but we did not find out much. It is said to be a mysterious place with many legends and we could hardly wait for him to go to the list of places visited in Romania.

I arrived early in the morning when the sun did not present a tremendous danger and we met with Cornelia Mother who was very nice and wanted to share what she knew about the Monastery.

The monastery is built mostly in the rock. Historical documents from the time of Radu the Great indicate that this and the village dates from 1053, during the time of Negru Voda. A shepherd, tired of shearing sheep, sits at the base of the mountain to sleep. Here he dreams of the Virgin Mary who tells him to wake up and dig under him until he finds a stone church with an icon in it. Scared by the dream, he starts and digs. After three days and three nights the shepherd finds a cowherdress inside a church with several church objects and a large icon that symbolizes the Mother of God with the baby. The icon found there is the one in the monastery and it is miraculous.

It is considered as one of the oldest icons not only in the country but also throughout Christianity. It is supposed to have been painted by the Apostle and Evangelist Luke. It is also supposed that the cave church, dug in stone, in the rock of the mountain, where this ancient icon was discovered, dates back to the time when Christianity was preached in secret, in the grotto, because of the persecutions, perhaps even from the time of the first Christian Dacians.

We continue to go with Mother in the courtyard and learn that there are 30 nuns here, all very busy and eager to talk to tourists and travelers. We find out that Mother was given to the nurses when she was three years old. She wants to tell us a lot and we are eager to listen. If we could, we would write a novel with everything he told us, but we prefer to stop here and invite you to this holy place.

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